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When our IT guy walked out, Broadleaf came by and restored access that day!

Jim S...

We are a 24 x 7 organization and what we like most about Broadleaf’s managed services is their responsiveness. We can get in touch with the Help Desk any time day or night and get an issue escalated for a quick resolution.

Charles C...

As a small business, the management of computer backups, security, network, software updates and resolving day to day problems was a daunting task. Hiring Broadleaf allowed us to offload these functions and focus more time on our business with the confidence that these critical issues were being attended to by professionals. We are extremely pleased with Broadleaf’s attentiveness to detail and rapid response in answering questions and solving problems. We sleep better at night knowing Broadleaf is on guard. We didn’t hesitate to renew our contract for another year.

Martin B...

I know I can depend on Broadleaf. They came through for us at one of the scariest times for our business. Within two days, our hardware was up and running and all of our data was recovered. It is amazing to me that we did not lose one bit of data. Broadleaf Backup is an affordable, reliable solution that saved our Company.


Broadleaf support technicians are extremely skilled in breaking down technical issues into terms anyone can understand. They put in the extra effort to not only layout the problem, but also what caused it, and ultimately the solution.

Eric R...

When we recently switched over to Broadleaf, I realized you don't know what you don't know. They are so thorough in accessing our situation, discussing everything with us and coming up with a solution that is based on our needs (and not just when we were making the switch over to them - they do this on a monthly basis!). There is nothing one-size-fits-all about Broadleaf. They care about their customers and I can sleep at night knowing that we are well taken care of!